This place sucks. Like the image, it is a closed leg Germanified version of playing at […]
This public bathhouse is located in the hip/artist/gentrifying/immigrant neighborhood of Neukölln. Their website is in German […]
Isn’t this the OG location? Anyway, this is the only location now that the one in […]
Thai MassageOh LaJea, she used to work here (far Right). She healed me & saved my […]
Accupressure Foot Massage with Add On Sauna Time (PJS included)Ok this place is like a trap […]
Accupressure Foot MassagesThis place is legit. First taken here by Ryan, with these ladies. Pia was […]
Ok, well, this place is disappointing for the history of the town. Its like a very […]
A mishmash of Russian, Swedish, Japanese, and Turkish bathing rituals. Pricey entry that has tiers based […]
Grown men cry of the platza here. Some sexual assault case in the past. I had […]
This is on my to-experience list, primarily because they have a pool. It seems a little […]