Radical Meditation for BIPOC is run by a Khmer queer community member who prioritizes BIPOC with […]
I received acupuncture, massage, and aromatherapy services at a couple of public events from Golden Hour. […]
Tub and Tan is sleazy as fuck. The owner always makes comments at me and calls […]
This is a place with major burner vibes. They have a sauna, hot tubs, and common […]
Float-On is a floatation tank. Pro tip: they have a half-off on your birthday. —Spa Thought […]
PDX Alliance for Self Care is a volunteer run community wellness initiative that encourages self care […]
I also visited Costa Rica on Rustic Pathways dime and due to all the volcanic and […]
I visited this location when traveling with my Rutgers students (a group of about 14 of […]
I have visited this once and had a massage (where the guy walked on my back […]
I went here in 2010 to visit my brother. It’s more of a communal bath. It […]