Carrie Marie Schneider is a cerebral Aquarius who does, in fact, bear water. She makes and researches Survival Creativity, loves wily development and odd adaptations, and dances whenever possible. She has lucid
dreams, flexible hips, and trickster hijinks rooted by deep wizard ethics.

Favorite Bath Memory: One of the happiest memories I have of my mom is being small with her in the tub. We were both happy and healthy in our
bodies and bathing with care and love. I washed my neck with Dove soap and she was proud.

DIY Bath Tips: Cultivate lovers and besties who send you poetic bath recipes with ingredient care packages. If not that, drive to the closest
spa. If not that, put the good speaker right up the side of the tub so the bass wriggles the water like a bullfrog throat, use the scrubby mits, play with hot and cold. Additional ideas can be found at: 

Carol Zou is an artist, educator, writer, and organizer whose utopian collaborative projects include covering a museum in granny squares, drinking games about racism, and uniting artists to combat climate change.

Favorite Bath Memory: I have this memory and I’m not sure if it’s fake or not, but I remember visiting my grandmother in China when I was around 5 or 6. They didn’t have hot water or a bathtub so in order to take a
bath, she would heat the water in a pot on a wood burning stove and pour the water into a wooden bucket where I sat, shivering. I remember that ritual of feeling the water fall into the bucket and the steam rise from the bucket.
It was so intimate and so personal. I think I’ve always craved that kind of closeness.

DIY Bath Tips: I put epsom salts (for my muscle aches!) and a few drops of essential oil into my bath, usually lavender, tea tree, or citrus depending on how I’m feeling. I always have my laptop hanging out on a stool
or the toilet because I like to work/Netflix while I’m in the bath. For that reason, I keep a hand towel ready to dry my hands while I’m typing. If I have a glass of red wine, I also bring a glass of water so I don’t dehydrate and
pass out. I am notorious for getting cheap supermarket sushi and eating it in the bath. Listen. It’s the best time ever. When I get out of the bath, usually after an hour or two, I like to moisturize all over with body oil. It sinks
into your skin and makes your skin soooooooo soft and also doubles as a massage oil. You can make your own with almond oil and essential oils (5 drops for every 1oz) and it is cheaper than lotion because you end up using less. Lemongrass
and tea tree is my scent of choice . I’m experimenting with adding jasmine for ultimate Southeast Asia realness.