Our Thought Partners are artists, community workers, and somatic practitioners with spa practices who help share their experiences of healing with us. 

Stacy Scibelli

Stacy Scibelli is an artist and designer from New York examining the transformative nature of cloth and clothing while subverting consumer behavior through play and exploration. She has had a vested interest in hot water and places to sit in it for over a decade, finding peace and knowledge in the water and a link to the past. 


May Maylisa Cat

Grew up in Chicago, May Maylisa Cat is a multidisciplinary artist currently based in Portland, OR. Her work spans video, painting, glass, and live performances. While her Aquarius moon loves willful isolation, her Taurus sun loves rejuvenating practices that nourish the physical body, such as food, messages, and spas- especially paid for with someone else’s money.


Kacie Lyn Martinez

Kacie Lyn Martinez is a weaver of words, ideas, fibers, and values. As a participatory fiber artist /tejedora, facilitator, and organizational strategist, she’s on a journey to understand how individuals and communities heal, dream, and self-actualize. Based out of Jolene, her camper trailer, she’s scooting around the Southwest on her own healing journey. She draws from landscape spirituality, somatic healing practices, and an unreasonable curiosity about what’s possible.


Sara Daleiden

With regional bases in Los Angeles and Milwaukee, Sara Daleiden facilitates civic engagement within developing landscapes, exercising arts and cultural exchange strategies. Somatic emphasis through walking, bodywork, listening, endurance and care is a layer throughout Sara’s practice, with spas as one cyclical site.



LEO ALAS is a contemporary artist exploring themes around care work and grief, through a Marxist-Feminist lens. Their work journeys into world building and Queer political imagination, exploring what is possible, what is potent, and what is beautiful, in an effort to find healing and joy in late-stage capitalism.