October 2021

The years 2020 and 2021 have been incredibly grueling for people working on the frontlines—nurses, grocery workers, food service workers, delivery drivers, and more. As our society emerges into a new phase of pandemic response, we believe that it is vital to care for people who cared for us during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Because we know that trauma lives in the body, we want to connect the unsung heroes of COVID-19—food service workers and delivery drivers—to bodily healing such as reiki sessions, acupuncture, massages, spa time, and more.

Spa Embassy and the Queer Spa Network held a raffle featuring items from Bulan Apothecary, Earthy Corazon, Moon Jar Design, Belly’s Bath, and Visitor Welcome Center. The seed money for the raffle came from Civic Wellbeing Partners. Raffle results supported 5 frontline workers from food service industries in receiving wellness services. We worked with the Black Trans and Queer Collective and Bob’s Market to identify frontline workers that received a spa service valued up to $150, as well as $100 to offset transportation, food, and childcare.