La Tourelle

So my wonderful college professor Belisa Gonzalez brought me to Ithaca College for a talk a few years ago and they put me up at this fancy family-owned Bed and Breakfast/Spa near the campus. Side note: I love it when institutions with money put me up at nice hotels almost as much as I love spas, hint hint. The rooms have this gorgeous view looking out onto the Finger Lakes, and Ithaca is known for these boozy wine tours around the lakes. So of course the handmade spa products are grape themed, you know? I was initially skeptical, but the grapeseed bath oil in the spa basket in the room just looked so tempting, and so I shelled out the ridiculous $14 to try it, and it was AMAAAAAAAAAZING. OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOD. OIL AND WATER DOOOOO MIX ESPECIALLY IF IT’S GRAPESEED OIL IN A BAAAAATH. I think now I understand why Cleopatra allegedly took baths in milk because taking baths in viscous fluids is some good shit. The oil was so nice and fragrant and it clings to your skin and coats it when you get out of the bath so your skin feels sooooooo nice. Definitely charming. Definitely worth the trip to Ithaca (and the students were so cool!).—Carol

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