Radical Meditation for People of Color

Radical Meditation for BIPOC is run by a Khmer queer community member who prioritizes BIPOC with healing care, and they are pretty great in the community. I facilitated a meditation with them once, and it’s a great place to get away and reclaim healing practices from the whiteness that unashamedly capitalize on that realm, including spirituality and mindfulness. If you practice Dharma, you can’t underestimate how much a Sangha of color is so beneficial to your wellbeing and mental health. Besides yoga and meditation, sometimes they host community events where POCs can receive care such as bodywork and reiki. Sometimes that care is contributed / leveraged by white people, so be mindful. 

As someone who once dated a massage therapist who was a person of color and I was like, I didn’t get massages because I don’t want white people touching me. I realized that I have trauma with white hands on my body. Just because they’re one person’s ally doesn’t mean that they’re yours. So be mindful. But check their facebook for upcoming events, they have great resources and are very community-minded. radicalmeditationforpoc.com

—Spa Thought Partner May

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