PDX Alliance for Self Care is a volunteer run community wellness initiative that encourages self care […]
I have visited this once and had a massage (where the guy walked on my back […]
This is another Colorado spot, I like this one better than Strawberry because it has a […]
I had just gotten my first faculty position job in New York, so before that I […]
This is the Santa Fe based spa that is run by the same company that runs […]
OK so I feel like I need to preface this review with the disclaimer that nothing […]
This place lives up to every bit of the hype. This place is like the spa […]
There’s a hot springs that runs through the eponymously named Hot Springs, Arkansas. It’s a really […]
Haman Aya Sofya
This is a hamam next to the Hagia Sofia. There were probably half locals, half tourists. […]
Ok this place has some wild architecture. It is the most post-natural human terrarium feeling of […]