Chena Hot Springs

I had just gotten my first faculty position job in New York, so before that I went to Alaska in August. I went to Anchorage and wanted to see Denali. A friend of a friend had pot in Fairbanks, so I decided to drive up there and Chena Hot Springs was a few hours away from Fairbanks. The resort is very out of the way, in the middle of nowhere. I was so tired when I finally reached my room that I just went to sleep without getting in the hot tub. The next day I soaked. The water was nice and felt very healing and restful. The resort isn’t anything super fancy, but they had nice facilities, family friendly, several pools—some natural stones, some pools.  On their brochures, they say that the minerals in the hot springs are comparable to the minerals in Bohemia, Czech Republic. It used to be an indigenous soaking area, and was most likely monetized during the Gold Rush when prospectors began soaking in the springs.

—Spa Thought Partner Stacy

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