Berkeley Springs is apparently America’s First Spa! I went here on a road trip from D.C. […]
The best massage I’ve ever received is a Thai massage where they walk on your back. […]
The last spa that I went to was in February 2019 in Uganda. I was living […]
I ended up here for a bachelor party in 2010. Someone in the group knew about […]
Someone told me there were hot springs in Truth or Consequences, and that there was a […]
I was traveling back to Los Angeles from San Francisco. Going down the 5 is so […]
Esalen consists of sulphur springs overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur.  It was one of […]
Natura closed in June 2018. I never got to say goodbye. It was a 15 year […]
I received acupuncture, massage, and aromatherapy services at a couple of public events from Golden Hour. […]
Tub and Tan is sleazy as fuck. The owner always makes comments at me and calls […]