Berkeley Springs Baths

Berkeley Springs is apparently America’s First Spa! I went here on a road trip from D.C. I got pulled over by West Virginia patrol right before I got there because they wanted to check to see if I was trafficking humans or drugs. So be sure to look as unsuspicious as possible and stick to the speed limit.

The bathhouse looked historic on the outside but the inside was modern and you get a private room where they fill the tub with their special spring water. They have a whole explanation of all of the minerals in the water that have benefits, and by the bathhouse it talks about George Washington and some history. The spa is also a historic state site.

The other building was the modern bathhouse and spa, and I got a hot stone massage there for the first time and it was pretty great! The person had just bought a new set of stones. They were friendly there but it was also white people. I was the only Asian and POC there that day. And we parked behind a car with a second amendment sticker. 

COVID safety wise, the bathhouse rooms have good ventilation. They have spaced out appointments. There weren’t too many people in town, it’s a sleepy place at least when I went. And pretty spread out.

—Spa Thought Partner Melissa

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