I was on a trip from Denver to Salt Lake City. There was this gorgeous storm […]
Someone told me there were hot springs in Truth or Consequences, and that there was a […]
I was traveling back to Los Angeles from San Francisco. Going down the 5 is so […]
Esalen consists of sulphur springs overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Big Sur.  It was one of […]
I explore Southern California a lot in terms of non-human landscape. The coping mechanism for Los […]
I also visited Costa Rica on Rustic Pathways dime and due to all the volcanic and […]
I visited this location when traveling with my Rutgers students (a group of about 14 of […]
I went here in 2010 to visit my brother. It’s more of a communal bath. It […]
Fairly simple and homespun (managed by a local village), not resort-like at all, just a big […]
This is another Colorado spot, I like this one better than Strawberry because it has a […]