Century Day & Night Spa

Ended up here after a weird Sunday where there was a 3 hour line to get into Olympic Spa. Seriously weird – what is a Korean Spa like when it is at capacity? I wouldn’t want to be there, that feels like human soup. This spa is located inside an unassuming concrete building (aren’t they all) with a GOLF DRIVING RANGE in the front, so you can relax the Korean way, or the Donald Trump way. Also, Century Spa is a great place to get naked with your professional colleagues whom you have never been naked in front of for the first time, ijs. I actually had a really touching experience here watching a middle-aged woman wheel her mother in a wheelchair into the wet area and help her mother climb into the bath. It reminded me of what I love about public baths, which is the range of the bodies that access them. The sauna rooms are located on the second floor and there is a gendered napping room, as well as some really nice rooms that I usually don’t see at Korean spas, like lying on a bed of hot stones. This spa should get more attention than it does, but it’s a little away from the central cluster of Korean spas, and seems to be a nice secret compared to the clusterfuck at Olympic Spa.

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