Everett House

This is a place with major burner vibes. They have a sauna, hot tubs, and common rooms. They’re bigger than Common Ground. They do have an Artist Residency program but it’s basically trying to get Burning Man-style artists to do art for them in exchange for an entrance fee.

I have been here on a few dates with random people. This started because I wanted to get people to pay for me to go to spas. I would definitely have them take me here instead of Common Ground; if I don’t know them that well I don’t want them in the places that I go. I went on a date where this dude spent $200 on me. The Everett House does not have private areas. The pool is located in the back yard. You’re surrounded by people so you can’t do shit. So I feel safer on a date when there’s eyes looking. 

—Spa Thought Partner May

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