REACH Stretch Studio

These studios are a little bougie but Iyanu at the Rice Village location is amazing. He’s a musician, too & you can hear things other than spa jams. This is kind of the assisted stretching that athletes get, and you can do performance prep, performance recovery, or a mix/middle ground. They treat people with muscle conditions, range of motion issues, pregnant mamas, and everyone. As a super flexible person with uneven muscle – as in, calves are always on while hammies don’t always kick in- it is nice to get stretches I can’t find on my own and get help stretching out what is working too hard. I find that it lets me release tension I didn’t know I had, lights up areas of possible strength I haven’t been using, fills out my bodymap – as in, ohh! my shoulder works like thaaaat!-, and leaves me with new possible range of motion. You participate in pushing, but are mostly laid on a table with straps and its not like work for you. Usually when its happening I wish it was happening all the time, and they say they hear that a lot. 30 & 60 minute sessions. You can get your first session free. Don’t drink their electrolyte water its disgusting.

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