Pilates Treehouse Fascial Playground

photo by Amitava Sarkar

I asked Jane Weiner of Hope Stone Houston who I could do body work with, and she said Jo is the only person she recommends in town, at the top of her game. My first session immediately removed pain, with Rossiter (Jo standing with skipoles for balance and walking on clenched muscles to release sore parts- not super diff from Thai Massage walking.) I’ve learned about waking up my feet, unpacking my knees, stabilizing my pelvis, and stretching into length. Definitely felt many things I’ve never felt before and helped re-learn to walk in a new way, even. She was formerly a ballet dancer and has been helpful at addressing some of my dance habits to long term health in my body because of her own journey. It helped me move from joint flexibility to more stable strength, but from lengthening not clenching. She has an incredibly attuned in depth awareness of functional movement and body’s possibilities, and is so good to have in Houston. www.pilatestreehouse.com/whos-teaching

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