McMahan, Arielle

Arielle McMahan is my personal trainer at the YMCA. She also teaches yoga there.

The sessions are planned ahead and very personalized and I leave feeling strong and well cared for with new inner resources (that may be sore for a bit). She has a dance background and is a great problem solver. I can say honestly if a thing hurts or just has a bad mental association (“this machine makes me feel like I have the weight of the world on my shoulders,” or “its easier for me to find balance on an unstable ground”) and she immediately finds 3 other ways to work out the thing but in a more learnable-for-me configuration. She does things like put stickers on my shoes to help me not turn out, and makes me do math problems while I’m lifting heavy shit so my coordination and spatial dyslexia blocks are re-integrated. If I’m angry from family stuff she has me slam balls and push carts full of weight. I also like the way we take up space with dance moves, equipment reappropriation, grunting stretches and experiments on a male dominated gym floor. She does a great job sensing my limits & where I can push harder. Super recommend.


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