Sabeto Hot Springs and Thermal Mud Pool

Fairly simple and homespun (managed by a local village), not resort-like at all, just a big awesome hole filled with mud and water.  You get in the water, it’s warm, there’s mud under the water that you spread over yourself. Then you let it dry, cake up, it’s supposed to be healing, wash off in that same area. There was one other tourist couple there. I don’t think they were American. It was do whatever you want. The workers at the spa told me how to do it, left me alone.

When I was Fiji, everything was based on the system of resorts. It was pretty difficult to get in contact with local people who weren’t connected with the resorts. Even with budget friendly stuff you were still in this space that was part of a company. The resort would food and drivers for you. This place was unique because it wasn’t part of the resort package, I had to ask for it. There were a lot of places that had spas on the base that were more spa oriented. The hotel arranged a taxi for me. The taxi driver dropped me off and I told the taxi driver to come back and get me at this time. The hot springs was definitely run by locals in a way that the resorts aren’t. They probably still had some relationships with the resorts, however. 

Nearby is the Garden of the Sleeping Giants, which was a really nice little hike with awesome flora.  

—Spa Thought Partner Stacy

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