The Desert Wave

This is less of a spa and rather a luxury architectural rental that just happens to have the most amazing cedar hot tub and rain shower as part of the space. The house itself is an architectural icon located in Palm Desert, California. To be honest, the location isn’t that exciting, the house is located in a suburban desert landscape and the most exciting nightlife can be found at Home Depot around the corner. But the house itself is a great place to hole up, and indulge in your vices in the most fragrant two-person cedar hot tub featuring slippery water that just glides over your skin, before rinsing off in the pebbled rainshower with a private view of the cactus landscaping, and then settling into the king size bed with Frette sheets and mood lighting while the sound of vintage records plays over the smart house sound system. In a region where digs like this are bum-fuck-expensive, perhaps a few day of the fantasy is all that us plebes can afford.


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