Wellenbad am Spreewaldplatz

Just outside of Gorlitzer Park, this is a lovely public pool with entrance for a few Euros, with kiddie areas and an olympic swimming pool. Yeah yeah yeah, but! They also have a legit WAVE POOL! It runs intermittently, so follow the sign posted with wave times, and it is small, very rough at the deep end, and a complete blast to somersault and dive in. Yes I was the most enthusiastic one there and did it nearly every day. Fight with an ocean simulation in a tiled container- yes please.
I got lost and turned around in the dressing rooms every single time. Bring a Euro for the locker where you change into your swim suit. Showers are downstairs. Friendly place. Turkish teens and super cute kiddie swim lessons. You can pay extra to go to the saunas, and they have scheduled infusions. I was usually the only woman there but had no trouble. They also have a kinda dingy-lovely resting room in a courtyard. I just remember cool rain through the ceiling grid after getting very hot. It is nice to experience this as an affordable public amenity made use of by many neighbors. 


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