Crystal Hot Springs

Fuck to the yeah to the fuck to the yeah. Came here on a winter day after a winter storm snowed on all our plans—and should have just spent the entire day here! The locals know what’s up, it’s best to come with a robe or a huge towel, and flip flops or crocs for wandering around the pool area. There are several different pools of different temperatures, and it’s a lot of fun to hop between the pools. The pools are so warm that you can walk around them in winter without freezing. The hottest pool is 105 degrees, and it is freaking heavenly. The middling heat pools have room temperature waterfalls that you can stand under, if that’s your thing. These hot springs apparently have the highest mineral content out of all the hot springs in the United States. I swear to god, all the aches in my body disappeared after 2 hours in these hot springs AND I got a giggly high from the lithium content. It makes me wonder why we don’t bring back lithium as a treatment for depression? Maybe big pharma is invested in keeping us away from Crystal Hot Springs? Also! If you get hungry, there’s a corn dog truck outside. What’s not to love?—Carol

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