Mystic Hot Springs

This is a kooky hot springs cum campground that is clearly run by the type of white people who, if they didn’t have dreadlocks, definitely considered it at some point in their lives. However, the kookiness is definitely worth it if you can tune out the appropriative whiteness. There are two main pools, one 4ft deep and hot, and another 2 ft deep and less hot but under a picturesque stone arch with a hot waterfall. Seriously, this pool is delightful. Farther up some muddy steps (this is not for the clean freak!) are seven different porcelain bathtubs that are situated amongst mountain rocks. You can sit in these tubs alone or with another person for a more intimate experience. It sounds so weird but is kind of awesome to be in a bathtub with the mountains around you. When I went, one of the tubs wasn’t working, and they do fill up fast. My suggested order of operations would be sit in the tubs first, and then go down to the pool area. The bathroom is located inside the office, unfortunately, and there’s a port-a-potty nearby if you really need to go. The entrance fee gets you 6 hours of access and the hot springs are open 24 hours. They are also free to people on the campground. Do I want to take a bath under a crescent moon? I never knew I did, but yes, I think I do.—Carol

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