Hot Springs Historic District

This is set right in the Rio Grande. You can see Mexico on one side and the United States on another side. It’s located in Hot Springs Historic District, which has several pioneer-era buildings in the district such as a post office. The hot spring is man made but really in the river.  There is a longer hike you can take to get to it or a short 15 minute walk.  There is a NPS bathroom but that is the only changing area. There are one or two little pools. I liked that you could jump over into the Rio Grande river and immerse yourself in the cold water cold water, and then go back into the hot springs. Hot springs are such a goal point when I plan travel, there’s a sense of arrival when I get to the hot springs, it’s like a marker. Sometimes I don’t spend a lot of time in hot springs, for me it’s just about merging with the water. If I’m by a body of water I will just get in and get out. I was quick here because there were all these signs about break ins in the cars and there were other trails that I wanted to see. I was nervous about the signs with the break ins because I was driving cross country.

—Spa Thought Partner Stacy

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