Strawberry Hot Springs

One of the first hot springs I went to, my family has taken a few trips out to Colorado, near Winter Park, so we would take some day trips to destinations, hot springs being a priority for us.  This has always been a ladies trip, my mom, aunt, my sister, and myself.  This is where I got a bloody nose, probably for sitting in hot water for too long. It wasn’t a terrible thing but my sister was like did you eat ketchup? The steam from the water opens your capillaries really fast and up there you’re at elevation.

Probably a good one for families because of the large communal pools.  I don’t recall if there were smaller options but there were a few large pools. It’s more crowded than Hot Sulphur Springs. That area is pretty close to the Rockies. More of a drive/day trip.

I tend to stay longer when I’m with a group of people. If I’m by myself I don’t stick around so long. It’s more of an excursion if I go with other people, you get treatments. It’s more of a meditation, more internal, when I’m alone.

—Spa Thought Partner Stacy

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