King Spa and Sauna

This might be one of my favorite K Spa’s (in addition to all the others LOL) The scrub was amazing. I’ve been 3x? There’s an HMart next door for snacks. And a Home Depot. This one (I mean most of them do, but this one) has tons of super hot queers. Also a GOLD PYRAMID ROOM. What that means is that you sit in a gold pyramid. I especially recommend singing in this gold pyramid as the acoustics are great! The Bulgama is a kind of a Burlap-covering sort of sweat lodge. Another room has a furnace with the hot slab on a conveyer-belt,  very architecturally dramatic. Also it’s important to note that none of the Korean spas let you take food to go. But if you order a cup of something or bring a water bottle you can sneak it away in there. I’ve had bibim naeng myun in many a water bottle, its kind of a nice sculpture.  Also the lady that scrubbed me here also laughed at me for sloshing around on the pink vinyl table like a fish (this happens to everyone but she was amused instead of annoyed) and she sang me Korean lullabies while matter of factly scrubbing 3 inches of skin off my flesh which is one of my top life experiences ever. The matter-of-fact quality of the human body car wash at Kspa scrubs is only rivaled by Turkish hammams, in my experience. —Carrie

Hiiiii I went here too and I would say compared to the other two King Spas this might be my favorite! The second floor oxygen room and infrared room is what does it for me – such a relaxing place to nap. Plus it’s right by H-Mart so you can go get snacks after. A total win! —Carol

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