Wi Spa

This spa is the most elaborate and popular of the spas in Los Angeles, and by that I mean it’s kind of basic. I’ve never seen this place not crowded – literally everyone goes here. I’m not a big fan but it’s good if you’re a spa beginner and don’t really know your spa preferences – it’s like a buffet of mediocre food so you can try everything before dropping a lot of money on an actual sushi place. This place is huge – it’s 5 stories, and there’s a rooftop lounge with a fire pit that has a lovely view of Los Angeles. There’s valet parking, because it’s Los Angeles, and that will cost you extra on top of the comparatively affordable entry fee. Rooftop lounge and fire pit. It’s the only Korean spa I know of in Los Angeles that has a clay ball room full of small marble-sized brown clay balls that you can sink into. Ball pit for grown ups, I can dig that.—Carol

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