Grand Spa

This is my favorite Korean spa in Los Angeles and I’m going to be very upset if y’all start crowding this place after reading my review. It’s a spa for people who take pleasure in minimalism. There are no elaborate sauna rooms, just one standard sauna, and the requisite warm/hot/cold baths. The men’s and women’s spas are split up so that never shall the two genders meet. There’s a common room with recliners for watching TV, and a very, very, very modest dining room. You order your meals at the front desk and they come in tupperware, which I find charming (and you can take the tupperware home with you!).

I love this spa because it’s super cheap with daytime rates and cash discounts, which accounts for the minimal amenities. But the amenities are just enough to make you feel like you’re having a special hideaway from the rest of the world. Their waffle cotton robes are dreamy – I tried to buy one and was devastated when they said I couldn’t. There are – count ’em – five, FIVE! separate rooms with mats and pillows where you can sleep in either total darkness or amber light. One time I came here after not having slept in my noisy downtown LA room for two weeks, and I swear I spent 20 hours in deep sleep. Magnificent. Luxury on a dime. I love this place.—Carol

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