Yang Sheng Foot Spa

Accupressure Foot Massages
This place is legit. First taken here by Ryan, with these ladies. Pia was ticklish so she would HOOT and then that set off a chain reaction of everyone and their masseuse giggling about it.  Since then I still go a lot. They try to sell you the combo but the foot massage is the same without getting naked. Most of the people are really well trained and thorough, but there’s one fat guy who listens to really loud crap on his phone and it drowns out the soothing muzak CD so he’s to be avoided. He’s also bad at massages, with sweaty hands, so I think maybe he’s just the owner’s son. This place is so legit though, in all its drop tile glory in a packed strip mall with a police station, grocery store, and a great dollar store 2 doors down. The guy I’ve had the last 3 times does something really interesting with his pressure/energy like its directed at my muscles but swirling in his own. It’s like a new form of strength I can’t even wrap my mind around yet. They really push into the butt, too. 

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