Thai Healing Massage

Thai Massage
Oh LaJea, she used to work here (far Right). She healed me & saved my life, gave Ryan real jolly times, made Alison cry, hurt Jess, uncrinkled Suresh, and on and on to everyone I know and love I sent to her. She went her own way, but I still go back to this spot. They’ve since moved from the ivy covered brick building to the second floor of the pink house across the street. Here’s the deal with this place. They walk on you. Crack your bones hard into the table, get done with the first work really quick. Then they’ll fix what you say hurts. I’ve been to Ploy 3x, I think she’s my age. She’s hella strong. And Kay is a trained physiotherapist from Nepal, with lots of deep body knowledge. Also their method involves these intermittent sponge bath moments, which are really nice. And some stretching too, like assisted yoga or shibari suspension without rope or kinesiotherapy chiropractic adjustments. Thai massage also simultaneously stretches the masseuse, and you can feel the difference in their method from western ones because they aren’t inflicting so much aggregating pain on their body to work yours out. This is the best spot I know of in Houston for a thorough, deep, relaxing and rejuvenating massage. I think the Texans get massaged here. 


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