Isn’t this the OG location? Anyway, this is the only location now that the one in Chinatown is closed. According to Carrie it’s a bit smaller but seems more intimate. The staff are trained in taking cute pictures of you in the hot pods which are great for Instagram and especially great when no one knows WTF a hot pod is—keep them guessing! I also loved the essential oil options – it felt extra relaxing. I expected the steam to be completely overwhelming but actually it wasn’t bad, possibly due to all the hot yoga that I’ve been doing (don’t judge me), possibly due to all the options for ventilation. Staff is very attentive to refilling water, etc while you’re in the hot pod. And the water is also treated in a certain way so it’s special water? Afterwards I had the best, deepest, sleep that I had in weeks. Thank you Lava Bene.—Carol

Carrie’s Review of defunct Chinatown location:

I mean this is a photo of Ryan in a hotpod and in some ways there’s no way there needs to be more words to convey anything more, but here:
lavaBene is a bunch of personal kilns in a room. You sit in it then they look at your sweat color and diagnose what’s funky w you. Soothing nature videos and/or LavaBene self produced commercials on the TV also. They have showers and water to drink with little ceramic ion thingies in it. You ring a bell if something’s up. The pods are inconsistent, like liquefy-lukewarm, but if you get a good thing going its really gooooood. Also it’s in the mecca of HTown Chinatown doubledecker strip mall, so there’s nothing you could possibly need that is not next door. Also, if you have overspent and lied and cheated your way through excessive amounts of groupons for discounted LavaBene, just say “it’s a gift” and they might let it slide.—Carrie

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