Haman Aya Sofya
This is a hamam next to the Hagia Sofia. There were probably half locals, half tourists. […]
This is a giant coed thermal spring. We went there because you can bike there from […]
So my wonderful college professor Belisa Gonzalez brought me to Ithaca College for a talk a […]
Words cannot describe how fucking devastated I am that I never went to this place when […]
This is a kooky hot springs cum campground that is clearly run by the type of […]
Fuck to the yeah to the fuck to the yeah. Came here on a winter day […]
Just outside of Gorlitzer Park, this is a lovely public pool with entrance for a few […]
Ok this place has some wild architecture. It is the most post-natural human terrarium feeling of […]
This is like being in a home decor magazine. The rooms are extensive and you can […]