Archimedes Banya

A mishmash of Russian, Swedish, Japanese, and Turkish bathing rituals. Pricey entry that has tiers based on how long you want to stay. Clothing optional area is co-ed so you see a lot of penises, but given the neighborhood they are likely cruising for each other. Eurotrash men with their Eurotrash girlfriends—everyone is decked out in gender neutral gold chains. Old Russian men come up once a month to perform the venik platza ritual with each other. TV room and “balcony”, the rooftop looks out into industrial SF so I would skip this part. Offers the Russian venik platza and other services. Platza worker highly professional, doesn’t flinch when you moan to try to troll him a little. Turkish eucalyptus steam room is really nice, I still dream of suffocation by eucalyptus. —Carol

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